Thursday, 14 January 2016

Flight into Egypt - Refugee journeys

Look at the picture.
  • Who is the picture of?
  • How do you think Mary and Joseph feel? How do you know?
  • What is Joseph carrying? What about all the other things they own – furniture? clothes?

We know all the stories about when Jesus was born – (ask what they can remember)

But after that, I wonder what happened next.

Do you remember King Herod? He was the king the wise men went to see. He was angry at the thought there might be a new king. He was king and he wanted it to stay that way.
He wanted to get rid of this new baby.

Joseph was asleep one night when he had a dream. In his dream an angel told him that Herod wanted to kill his child.
As soon as he woke up he told Mary that they must leave Bethlehem as fast as they could to escape to somewhere safe.
They gathered all their things together and set out for Egypt.
It was only just in time, because Herod’s soldiers were heading towards Bethlehem. They managed to escape though.

·         What might it have been like to arrive in Egypt? (The children talked about the feeling strange and not having friends, but also feeling safe )

Look at some pictures of modern refugees, people making dangerous journeys. They are escaping from Syria where there is fighting. They come across the sea in little boats looking for safety.

  • What is happening?
  • What might feel scary about making this journey?
  • What might feel good about it? 
  • What might help them? 
 Prayer for Refugees, people who have to take journeys they don’t want to take. For those who welcome and help them.