Monday, 21 September 2009

Friend at Midnight - people who help us - prayer - KS1 &2

Friend at Midnight
Luke 11.5-8
Need : Pillow , Clock , toothbrush and mug.

There was once a man who had had a long day....At the end of it, he put the children to bed, looked after the animals, did the washing up, locked up , checked the windows were closed, washed, brushed his teeth, got into his pyjamas, set alarm, snuggled into bed  (lie down on floor) and dozed off...

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. He put his head under the pillow.
Knocking again…this time louder… got up and puts head out of window…
“who’s there?” ..recognised friend asking for food for a visitor.
It’s the middle of the night…go away…

Goes back to bed…
Knocking again…
Gets up and gives him food. (ham up how resentful he is at interruption.)

Why didn’t man want to help his friend?
Jesus said “ You know what it is like when you need help with something. People don’t always want to help.”
That's why the friend had to keep asking.
Jesus said that God is always ready to help … not like that man.
  • Who are the people who help you without you having to ask?
Prayer of thanks for the people who help us
Think of someone who helps you. 
Think of something you need help with and ask for help
Thank God that he is always ready to help.

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