Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Valuing the school - creation - KS 1 & 2

Valuing our school

As the children enter – project OHP picture of the school logo with the words “The best thing about our school is…?”
At the beginning of the assembly, ask the children for their ideas and write up on OHP

There are lots of things we enjoy about our school

The Bible begins with a story about the things God enjoyed about the world he had made. Clever scientists help us understand how the world began, but when the Bible was written people didn’t know any of that, so they told a story…

Genesis 1
In the beginning it was all dark and there was nothing… (shut eyes)

1. God thought to himself in the darkness “I want to make something” He thought and thought and then he said – Let there be light (open eyes) and there was light.
He thought that darkness and light were both good, so he made it so we had some darkness and some light – day and night.
That’s good, I like that.

2. The next day, when the darkness and light had come around again, he thought – what now?
I know – water…
So he sorted out the water into all sorts of different types…some water up above…rain… some down below… sea – what else?
That’s good, I like that.

3. And that was another day. The next day he started to think wouldn’t it be good if there was some dry land as well as water…
Hills and valleys, and things to grow on the earth… Trees, flowers, pumpkins…
That’s good, I like that.

4. The next day he thought there ought to be different sorts of light in the sky – Sun, moon and what else…? Stars
That’s good, I like that.

5. Things in the water, and things in the sea – birds and fishes
That’s good, I like that.

6. Things to live on land – animals, insects, ….?
And something I can talk to that can talk to me, something really special, something that can look around at all this and enjoy it with me…
Hmm… People!
That’s good, I like that.

7. How many days are there in a week? On the seventh day God said…I’ve made everything I want to make… Now I want to enjoy it…Think of all the things God had made…mountains, seaside, nice things to eat… What would you do? Where would you go to play? On the seventh day God stopped and enjoyed his world, and he hoped that we would do the same – stop and think about what is around us, the people around us, and enjoy them.

Our little bit of God’s world to look after and enjoy is right here in school.

Prayer – give thanks for good things in school that children identified at the beginning and ask for help to look after the school.


He’s got the whole world in his hands
He’s got the whole school in his hands…
He’s got everybody here…

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