Thursday, 12 June 2014

Jesus calls his disciples

Calling of the disciples – loosely based on

 Tell story of calling of Peter, Andrew, James and John (Mark 1.16-20). Think of what it might be like to be fishermen. It would sometimes be frightening, often need patience. You’d have to get along together. You might not know what was going to happen, whether you would catch anything. 

They had learned to be fishermen, but now Jesus was calling them to do a bigger job – to help other people and tell them about God’s love.

Things they had learned as fishermen helped them to do this job too – patience, love, courage.

I wonder what you have learned today that might help you when you are grown up in whatever job you do?

Reading, writing, maths, working together, working towards a goal, coping with struggles and times when it all goes wrong… We can use all these skills to help others..

Reflection: Think about your day. What might you have learnt today that will help you to help others.

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