Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pentecost energy

Talk about cars, and about the many things that need electricity – how many are there in the hall? Show an assortment of things that move or do something. Solar powered radio, balloon rocket, clockwork toy.What sort of energy do they use? 

They all need energy to make them work.

That’s true for us as well.
You run around. How do you get the energy to do that?
What do we need in order for us to work and move? (Healthy food & water)
 If you don’t eat a healthy diet you won’t have the energy you need.

But sometimes, even when we have eaten, we don't feel we can do the things we need to. We might feel frightened, or just that it is too difficult. We need people to love us and encourage us. It is a different sort of energy.

There’s a story in the Bible about a group of people who had a job to do that felt too hard for them. They didn’t think they could do it. They felt like they didn’t have enough energy or strength to do it.

They were Jesus’ friends, and he had asked them to go out and tell other people all around the world that God loved them. But the world is a big place, and they didn’t even know where to start.

One day, on a special holiday in their religion called Pentecost, they were all gathered together praying to God, asking for help, when they felt a strange feeling, like when you are getting excited about something. They said it was like a rushing wind, except that the wind wasn’t blowing, or like they had flames dancing on them. Suddenly they realised that God would always be with them to help them. He hadn’t left them to do the job on their own.
He had sent his Holy Spirit to be with them.

They were so filled with energy when this happened that they all got up and rushed outside and started telling people about Jesus, and everyone understood what they were saying, and soon their message had spread across the whole world.

Think/pray about the things we need to give us energy - food and water, but also encouragement and love. Thank God for people who encourage us, and for the Holy Spirit of God that is always with us.

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